Nordregio has three main publications: Nordregio Reports, Nordregio Working Papers and Nordregio Policy Briefs. Nordregio is also the publisher of the European Journal of Spatial Development (in collaboration with Delft University of Technology). In addition, Nordregio publishes research articles and reports in collaboration with other partners, as well as project related handbooks and brochures for practitioners.

Nordregio Report

Nordregio Reports are comprehensive research reports or official documents from Nordregio. The reports are published on-line and printed. Our flagship report “State of the Nordic Region” is published bi-annually.

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ISSN 1403-2503

Nordregio Policy Brief

Nordregio policy briefs are concise summaries of particular projects focusing on main findings and policy implications of these, providing guidance on different policy options based on our research. They are targeted towards policymakers and others who are interested in formulating or influencing policy. All policy briefs are printed and published on-line.

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ISSN 2001-3876

European Journal of Spatial Development

(EJSD) is a peer-reviewed open access journal. The journal offers an independent and open forum for research on spatial planning, and regional development, policy making and governance in Europe. In addition to original research articles we also publish debate articles and research briefings online.

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ISSN 1650-9544

Nordregio Working Paper

Nordregio Working Papers are more technical papers including preliminary research results or work in progress, including pre-publication versions of academic articles, book chapters, or similar. They are important vehicles for rapidly and continuously disseminating findings from ongoing research. This type of work also includes backgrounders and other forms of publication. Working papers are published on-line.

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