Launch: State of the Nordic Region 2024

The 20th edition of the State of the Nordic Region is out! We shared the report highlights in an online launch on 19 June. A recording is available below.

Shortcuts to specific sections of the webinar

00:00:03 Welcome and introduction (Miia Itänen, Nordregio)
00:04:45 Opening remarks (Karen Ellemann, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers)
00:10:15 Demography (Nora Sánchez Gassen, Nordregio)
00:27:00 Labour market (Gustaf Norlén, Nordregio)
00:48:33 Economy (Karen Refsgaard, Nordregio)
01:06:49 Regional Potential Index (Carlos Tapia, Nordregio)
01:21:43 Closing remarks (Miia Itänen, Nordregio)

The speakers included:

  • Nora Sánchez Gassen, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio
  • Gustaf Norlén, Senior Cartographer / GIS Analyst, Nordregio
  • Karen Refsgaard, Research Director / Deputy Director, Nordregio
  • Carlos Tapia, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio
  • Moderator: Miia Itänen, Senior Communications Advisor, Nordregio

State of the Nordic Region 2024 takes stock of the latest socio-economic trends and developments in demography, labour market and economy in the Nordic countries, regions, municipalities, and cities. We have also included a brand new and revised Regional Potential Index that sheds light on the development potential and performance of regions across the Nordics and helps identify the regions with the strongest growth potential.

The report is a source of comparative knowledge and insights. It offers a rich Nordic panorama through a collection of maps, data, figures and analyses that highlight both broader, common trends, as well as local and regional differences. The report is a treasure trove of information for the anyone and everyone interested in learning about the Nordics or getting inspired by the Nordic model, or drawing insights from the diversity of Nordic regions and areas.

State of the Nordic Region is a biannual report published and produced by Nordregio. State of the Nordic Region 2024 marks the 20th edition of the report. Building on a rich knowledge base, extensive data sets, statistics, maps and analyses, it takes a closer look the latest trends and developments in the Nordic Region from three perspectives: Demography, Labour Market and Economy. The report gives a unique look behind the scenes of the world’s most integrated region, comprised of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, along with Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland.