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The median age of the population is rising across the Nordic countries as in most parts of Europe. At the same time, an influx of immigrants and refugees is change the population patterns in most countries. On this page, you can learn about our latest projects related to migration and integration.

Nordic collaboration for integration of refugees and migrants

In June 2016, the Ministers for Nordic Collaboration decided to establish a new collaboration programme for effective integration and inclusion of refugees and immigrants in the Nordic countries. The aim of the programme is to increase the efficiency of Nordic integration practices. Find out more about the collaboration programme.

Major immigration flows to the Nordic Region 1990-2016

The collection of maps, “Major immigration flows to the Nordic Region 1990-2016”, highlights the increasing diversity of immigrants and explores the evolution of major immigration flows during three intervals between 1990 and 2016. The collection includes maps showing the Nordic Region as a whole, as well as more detailed accounts of the situation for individual countries.  Find out more about the major immigration flows.

From Migrants to Workers: Immigrants’ role in local labour markets in the Nordic region 

Over the past few decades the scale of international migration into the Nordic countries has increased considerably. The percent foreign-born of the total population in several of the Nordic countries exceeds that of traditional migration destination states such as the United States and Australia. While many of these recent arrivals migrate to the capital cities and other large urban areas of the Nordic countries, there has been increased migration to rural and sparsely populated areas of the Nordic region and the role of these new arrivals into these areas is not well known. Find out more about From Migrants to Workers.

Nordic working group on demography and welfare 

The Nordic working group on demography and welfare aims to form a joint Nordic platform for producing knowledge and exchanging experiences regarding the challenges and opportunities induced by the current demographic and labour-market related changes in Nordic regions and municipalities. Find out more about the working group on demography and welfare

Enhancing labour opportunities for women in the Nordic countries

Comparative study between policies and practices applied in three small or medium-sized cities in the Nordic countries, in Sweden, Iceland and Finland. The aim is to determine excluding factors on Nordic labour markets, as well as to identify good practices for improved labour market integration among immigrant women. Find out more about the project.