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"Map of the Moment" is frequently updated with the selected map as the representation of the map production at Nordregio. The map is related to either a theme currently debated in society, or a project recently conducted at Nordregio.

The selected map as the current "Map of the Moment" is Cruise ship tourism in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland in 2014.

The map provides insight into a growing area of tourism development in the Nordic region.

In 2015 data was collected to provide an overview of the development of cruise tourism in the Nordic Arctic region and in the wider Nordic region, also including the Baltic Sea Region.

The collection of data for number of cruise ship arrivals and passengers was for several countries not easily accessible through the national statistics agencies. The process therefore became more comprehensive with assistance from individual harbours, industry associations, etc. 2014 is the most recent year for which data is available. Since then, the number of cruise ship arrivals has increased significantly in some places, for example in certain destinations in Iceland. This highlights the importance for annually released improved, standardized data from national authorities on cruise ship tourism.

Cruise tourism is a form of mass tourism that often results in large groups of people visiting natural and cultural sites. There is a risk that this will lead to over-crowding particularly in remote peripheral communities. In order to facilitate sustainable tourism development policymakers and practitioners would benefit from having a full overview of tourism numbers in destinations across the Nordic region. The development in cruise tourism numbers combined with the number of overnight stays would give a more complete overview of tourism development. Such monitoring would be facilitated by more easily accessible cruise tourism data.

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