Results from the realism phase workshops in the Nordic Arctic

The foresight analysis comprises a workshop series of three steps: the vision phase, the realism phase, and the implementation phase. First, in the vision phase, local workshops are organised in two selected local communities in each region of the Nordic Arctic with the participation of local inhabitants (a total of 12 workshops). Second, in the realism phase, dialogue is conducted at the community level with a workshop that also includes municipal, regional and national representatives (a total of six workshops). Finally, in the implementation phase, two transnational workshops are organised: one for the West Nordic Council and one for members of the North Calotte Council.

The purpose of the realism phase (August 2015 to November 2015) was to further concretise the ideas presented in the vision phase. For this purpose workshop participants discussed the development of policy measures to support future regional development.

Similarly to the vision phase, the goal was to have 15-20 participants at each workshop. Participants included representatives from the local-level workshops, civil servants from local, regional and national level development authorities, education institutions, and business associations.

The workshops were co-hosted by the national member of the Nordic Working Group (when possible) and Nordregio. Thematic discussions focused on infrastructure, business development and job creation, education and skills development, as well as cultural and social activities.

Summaries from the workshops can be downloaded on the right-hand side (in Nordic languages).