Results from the vision phase workshops in the Nordic Arctic

The foresight analysis comprises a workshop series of three steps: the vision phase, the realism phase, and the implementation phase. First, in the vision phase, local workshops are organised in two selected local communities in each region of the Nordic Arctic with the participation of local inhabitants (a total of 12 workshops). Second, in the realism phase, dialogue is conducted at the community level with a workshop that also includes municipal, regional and national representatives (a total of six workshops). Finally, in the implementation phase, two transnational workshops are organised: one for members of the West Nordic Council and one for members of the North Calotte Council.

In the vision phase (September 2014 to February 2015) local communities' visions for future development were formulated, as well as ideas on how their visions can be achieved. The locations were selected in order to represent different characteristics in the Nordic Arctic.

For each of the local foresight workshops the goal was to have 15 to 20 participants, and that these would broadly represent composition of the local community (e.g. different occupations, age groups). Therefore in each community a local contact person was engaged to invite participants and to help Nordregio facilitate the workshop.

At each workshop, participants were divided into groups. In the first part of the workshop the groups discussed what they perceive as the most important challenges and opportunities. The subsequent session included four different themes each group discussed.

Summaries from the workshops can be downloaded on the right-hand side (in Nordic languages).