Objectives and activities

The main policy objectives of the thematic group for Sustainable cities and urban development:

  • to learn and spread knowledge about the specificities of Nordic and Arctic small and medium sized cities;
  • to help improve governance practices for sustainable urban development and enrich theories on in urban and planning studies

Our main target groups are policy makers and civil servants in the Nordic Region working with urban planning and regional development in local, regional and national authorities. 


In the first period 2017-2018, the thematic group aims have so far defined three activites:

  • What’s on in small and medium sized Nordic and Arctic cities?
    This is a survey and overview project of current and upcoming sustainable urban development issues of policy relevance in small and medium sized Nordic and Arctic cities – from economic, environmental and social point of view. The project involves interviews with key persons from Nordic municipalities and regions and analysis of key policy documents. 


  • Small and medium sized cities in a Nordic and Arctic context (SMS-CITIES)

Urban research has mainly focused on larger urban areas and metropolises outside of the Nordic and Arctic geographical context. The purpose of this project is to analyse small and medium sized cities in a Nordic and Arctic context and to expand the urban planning knowledge base on these geographies.

  • Nordregio Forum 2017: Attractive and Sustainable Cities - The Nordic Way

The thematic group will also actively contribute and participate in the Nordregio Forum 2017 including organising roundtable discussions concerning small and medium sized cities and related to urban-rural relations.



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