Clients & frameworks

Nordregio is often commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers, EU, ministries, regional and national authorities, public agencies and NGOs, as well as national and international research councils and programmes.

Examples of clients & frameworks

Local autorities Karlstad kommun, Sweden
Norrtälje kommun, Sweden 
Regional authorities Region Skåne, Sweden
Region Värmland, Sweden
Stockholm County Council, Sweden
National authorities  Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications in Sweden
Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in Norway
Ministry of Employment and Economy in Finland

Boverket, Sweden
Ålands landskapsregering
Grønlands Selvstyre 
International authorities  European Commission, DG MARE, DG Agri and DG REGIO 
National research institutes/programmes  Formas, Sweden
Vetenskapsrådet, Sweden
The Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research
International research institutes/programmes Espon programme, EU
Interreg programmes, EU
7th Framework programme, EU