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Major immigration flows to the Nordic Region 1990-1999

Average annual flows above 3000 people by country of origin 

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Migration flows by country of origin are of growing interest in the Nordic Region due to the recent unprecedented in-flows of migrants.  There are also interesting differences between the Nordic countries with respect to the dominant countries of origin of migrants and the size of inflows.

In stark contrast with the 2000s and 2010s, major immigrant inflows to the Nordic countries during this period were from a limited number of neighbouring countries. For Finland, Norway and Sweden, these flows were limited to an exchange of people between the three countries. Finland had one main inflow, from Sweden (around 4000 people as annual average), while Sweden had major inflows from Finland and Norway (both annual average flows between 3000 and 4000). Norway, on the other hand, had one major inflow, from Sweden (5000). Denmark shows a distinctive different pattern during the period, with major immigration flows from nearby Germany and the U.K., as well as from the U.S. (all with annual average flows between 3000 and 4000).