Nordregio celebrates 20 years anniversary together with a series of lunch seminars

Nordregio celebrates its jubilee with a series of lunch seminars together with guest speakers from Nordregio's past and future. Lunch seminars take place at Nordregio, in Stockholm throughout the year. Nordregio alumni and partners are warmly welcome to partcipate the lunch seminars by signing up beforehand to

Nordregio started the series of lunch seminars with Hallgeir Aalbu, who was the first Director of Nordregio (1997-2004) and Chairman of the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy (EK-R), currently working at the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation in Norway. Now he returns to Nordregio to reflect on 20 years of regional development research - and what needs to be done to create sustainable regions in the future.


Upcoming Nordregio jubilee lunch seminars 2017


15 May 11.45-13.15, lunch seminar with Kaisa Lähteenmäki-Smith

Kaisa is a former Nordregian who is currently working at the Policy Analysis Unit of the Prime Minister's Office in Finland with issues related to the evidence informed policy-making and the "experimental Finland" -project, which seeks to promote experimentation as an instrument of policy design. The current government has chosen experimental culture as one of its strategic core projects and seeks to promote Finland as an excellent environment for innovation and experimentation. Kaisa will give a presentation on 'Experimental culture as part of evidence-informed policy in Finland', as well as share some reflections on the transition between employment at Nordregio and next/current workplace.

On Kaisa's recent work on experimental government, innovation and evidence-informed policy design in Finland:

- Design for Government:

- Funding Experiments:

- Finland as a Knowledge Economy 2.0,

- Evaluation of the Strategic Centres for Science, technology and Innovation


Past events

21 April 11.45-13.15, lunch seminar with Kai Böhme and Erik Gløersen

 The experience from the European consultancy sector to life at Nordregio

17 March 11.00-12.30, lunch seminar with Hallgeir Allbu

Regional policy and regional reforms in Norway