• Nov 22 2016
    Nov 23 2016

    Nordregio Forum 2016: From Fossil to Bio-based Energy - Innovation and Policy for Transition in Nordic Regions

    Photo:Oddleiv Apneseth/

    Nordregio Forum 2016 will focus on bio-based economy and what it can provide to Nordic regions. Green growth, circular economy and bioeconomy have gained increased attention in Europe in the aftermath of the economic crisis causing growing regional disparities, ageing population, urbanization and scaling-down of traditional large-scale industries. Within this picture, a transition to a bio-based economy is necessary not only from the viewpoint of sustainability – it can also serve as an engine for innovation, growth and resilient regions. 

  • Mar 02 2016
    Mar 03 2016

    Baltic Scope Partner Meeting

    "The Future - planning for results and recommendations"

  • Jan 19 2016
    Jan 21 2016

    REGINA kick-off

    REGINA’s first partner meeting will take place in a sparsely populated area where most of the local economy is related to tourism activities, where Sami culture and reindeer herding is prevalent and where plans for mineral exploration and extraction are being discussed. This will be an excellent opportunity to get to know all other partners and formally kick-off our activities!

  • Nov 18 2015

    Breakfast seminar at Färgfabriken

    "Research meets practise - include and engage the inhabitants of Stockholm in the planning"

  • May 12 2015

    Symposium on Planning Nordic city regions: experiences and agendas

    Welcome to a symposium on planning Nordic city regions. The symposium is an opportunity to share and exchange experiences of spatial planning at a city regional scale and to discuss the challenges and possibilities for urban political agendas in the Nordic countries with focus on the added value of a Nordic perspective.

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