Stockholm’s eco-districts spurred green growth

New research shows that eco-districts can pave the way for an increase in number and turnover of Cleantech companies, far beyond average GDP growth.

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Is there a Nordic region?

That is a problematic question from a geographical point of view. One can approach the question through maps focused on e.g. geopolitical, maritime and language themes.

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Nordregio launches NordMap web-mapping tool

NordMap is the name of our new Nordic web-mapping tool for municipal and regional data on demography, labour market and accessibility. It is an interactive version of the Nordregio map collection and requires no previous mapping or GIS experience. Welcome to create, share and print your own customised maps!

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Inspiring initiatives for local development in the Nordics

All Nordic countries face challenges when it comes to urbanisation, mobility and ageing population. The final report of the Nordic Demography Programme 2014-2015 features inspiring initiatives for local development in sparesly populated Nordic regions. It was released in Almedalen during Nordregio's panel discussion on youth and their potential to make a living in rural areas. More about the event here.

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Nordregio's map was chosen to Rio, ICC 2015!

Nordregio's map about total population change in European regions 2000-2013 made by our Linus Rispling,  was chosen to the ICC 2015 International Cartographic Exhibition. To read more about ICC exhibition, visit:

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